Is Argos open yet?


In late 2019, we secured a new location and set about remodeling it, with a view to moving in mid-2021. Of course, covid happened and we had to shut down.

We spent most of the pandemic building the new space, but more slowly than planned. Still closed due to health mandates, we made the move August through October ’21.

We planned to open the studio and gallery by early ’22, but a plumbing flood set things back by about six months.

Mandates have lifted and health concerns have lessened. Argos has reopened in some of its parts:

— The gallery will be the last component to reopen, in early ’23. Until then, we are not open to a walk-in public.

— Several drawing groups have reopened; please see the “Life Drawing” links on the right

— Kevin Gorges’ portrait and figure live-model classes are in session

— The printmaking studio is beginning to function; see the “Intaglio Print Studio” link on the right

Please see the map for our new location, at the link “Map and Hours”, and find email or phone info at the “Contact” link for any queries.

We’re looking forward to a more normal 2023.