Etchings and Paintings

Phyllis Sloane: the Watercolor Drawings
March 9th, 5-8pm

Argos presents a retrospective collection of watercolor drawings from the model by Phyllis Sloane. This remarkable body of work spans almost 50 years. At once fresh, spontaneous, precise and convincing, these drawings demonstrate a lifelong commitment to realist practice. While most artists draw from the model in pencil, Phyllis early chose the unforgiving technique of direct watercolor. The virtuoso results are a blend of Mattissean pattern with the precision which marks all her work.

At 85, Phyllis continues to work daily, often in the demanding medium of intaglio printmaking. Equally at home in acrylic, egg-tempera, etching, silkscreen and watercolor, her early training was in industrial design. This technical training continues to inform her style with a precision and clarity.

Phyllis maintained dual residency in Cleveland and Santa Fe for thirty years before moving here permanently in 2003. Quoting Jane Glaubinger, Curator of Prints, Cleveland Museum of Art: "She is successful... because the basis of all her work is drawing, which she does exceedingly well." In addition to the watercolor drawings, on display will be several works in other media derived from the drawings. Join us for this insight into the working discipline of this accomplished realist.

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