Argos Gallery Lecture/Exhibit Series
From Barbizon to Santa Fe

Argos Gallery presents a multi-faceted etching exhibit. The event includes:
-- another in a series of Dr. Robert Bell's popular lectures on etching;
-- a preview of an important documentary book on etching in Santa Fe;
-- two concurrent etching exhibits, one a collection of historical prints and
the second featuring Santa Fe contemporary artists. Dates and times

Argos Gallery and Dr. Bell present a survey of works from the Etching Revival, roughly the period
from 1850 to 1930. Etching went into a period of decline after Rembrandt's death but saw a
renaissance beginning in mid-19th century France. First recognized in the work of Millet, Daubigny and
Charles Jacque, the Revival spread to England and on to the United States. Dr Bell, who has assembled
one of the largest private collections of etchings in the world, has curated a survey of some seventy prints from
the Revival, with examples from the French, English and American groups. Most prints will be for sale. Preview prints
Hanging concurrently with the Revival exhibit, Argos presents a showing of contemporary Santa Fe etchings.
The majority of the work comes from the two etching groups operating here for decades; the Santa Fe Etching Club,
working out of Eli Levin's studio, and the group of artists associated with the Joel Greene studio.

These contemporary prints are by artists illustrated in an important new book, 100 Santa Fe Etchers, which is the
third item on the agenda. Published by Dr. Bell and written by himself and James Mann, it is the sixth book by
Bell in a series on New Mexico artists. It documents contemporary etching in Santa Fe and will be previewed at the
opening, with many artists illustrated in the book both exhibiting and in attendance.
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Lastly, Dr. Bell will deliver a lecture on the Revival etching groups represented in the exhibit. Beginning with those
French artists who sought to revive the spirit of the old master print, Jacque, Daubigny and Millet, he will trace
the various groups and influences within the Revival, leading to Moran, Chase, Church, Parrish and others
of the New York Etching Club. The lecture will dwell on the tendency for artists to form groups around the
practice of etching and will conclude with some commentary on the Santa Fe groups also on display.

Dr. Bell's lectures at Argos have been delivered to a full house, so attendance is by reserved sea
please call 986-8071 to make a reservation.

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