Etching for Advanced Beginners
The workshop is for artists with existing skills and a developed style, but little knowledge
of the intaglio printmaking process. Also for those wanting a thorough refresher course.

The workshop will be taught by Mary Teichman, a working artist with a 40-year focus in intaglio, and broad
experience in teaching and workshop instruction. Her resume is here. Examples of her work are here.

The workshop goal is to identify the intaglio method(s) best suited to translate the artist's existing imagery, and his or her
methods of working, into fine-art copperplate printmaking. Then to execute a plate under guidance, and learn to print it.

In the first session (3 hours), we will survey the principal intaglio methods, to characterize the way they look and the way
they work. We will demonstrate mark-making in non-etch and acid-etch modes. We will view historical prints on exhibit to
identify the techniques involved. We will practice applying etching grounds of several types, and methods of drawing
through them. With individual guidance, artists will select an intaglio approach and a plate size, and prepare a plate for
their workshop.

In the second session (5 hours), we will finish preparing our plates. We will demonstrate methods for altering an etched
or scribed plate by scraping, burnishing or sanding. We will demonstrate inking and printing. We will explore the etching
technique of aquatint. Lift-ground and direct application of acid (spit-bite) will also be discussed. We will explore several
methods for transferring an initial design to the plate. Artists will scribe, engrave and/or etch their plate, and print a proof.

In the third session (6 hours), we will elaborate the techniques outlined in the previous days. Artists will continue work on
their plates under individual guidance. Plates will be refined and images will be developed. Additional stages of the plates
will be worked through, multiple techniques may be added, and more print proofs will be made. Different types of inks
will be discussed. Different types of papers will be reviewed and used. Printmaking organizations and competitions will
be discussed, along with ideas for showing and selling prints.

The workshop is limited to six artists. Please call Eric for more details. A syllabus is available by email.


$185 per person, includes workshop materials and tax


Friday, December 8: 5pm 8pm
Saturday, December 9: 3pm 8pm
Sunday, December 10: 11am 5pm


Argos Studio/Gallery: a map is here.
More on the etching studio is here.