Etchings and Paintings

The Nude – A Survey in Prints
Exhibit Dec 1 - Dec 31, 2017

The exhibit comprises some 150 images.

Following is a sampling of prints from 
the historical periods on display.


Albrecht Durer, Adam and Eve, woodcut, 1507

Lucas Cranach, Venus and Cupid, woodcut, 1506

Antoine LaFlery, Roman Statue, engraving, 1550s

Rembrandt van Rijn, Adam and Eve, etching, 1638


Rembrandt van Rijn, Woman with Arrow, etching, 1661


Francisco Goya, Linda Maestra, etching, 1797-8

1840s reproductive etching by Rios of Goya's 1800-5 painting The Nude Maja,


William Blake, Job, engraving, 1825

1880s reproductive etching by Flameng of Ingres 1820-56 painting The Source,


1860s reproductive lithograph by Aubry after 1808 Prud’hon painting Psyche Transported to Heaven


1880s reproductive etching by LaLauze after 1882 Paul Baudry painting Truth

1880s reproductive etching after Jean-Jacques Henner’s 1870s painting The Fountain

Felicien Rops, Human Rubbish, etching, 1908


Max Klinger, Death, etching, 1889

Pierre Renoir, Study for a Woman Bathing, drypoint etching, 1890s


Edouard Manet, Olympia, etching, 1865

Karl Holleck-Weithmann, Morning, etching, c1910


Aristide Maillol, Nude, lithograph, 1940s


Henri Matisse, La Sieste, linocut,1938

Max Weber, Nude, woodblock, 1930s

Kathe Kollwitz, Sitting Male Nude, etching, 1891

Eli Levin, Artist and Model, etching, 1960s