Etchings and Paintings

Art of the Print Cycle
Exhibit Dec 2 - Jan 6, 2017

The exhibit comprises some 225 images.

Following is a 39-image sampling of prints from some of
the principal print cycles or series on display.


Three images from Albrecht Durer's woodcut cycle called the "Small Passion", 1511


Three images from Hollar's set of engravings after Holbein's woodcut series "Dance of Death", 1651

Three images from Jacques Callot's eighteen-image print cycle "The Miseries of War"

Three images of six that make up William Hogarth's print cycle "A Harlot's Progress", 1732


Two images from Goya's print cycle Los Caprichos, c1799, and one from his print cycle "The Disasters of War", c1808


Three images of six from William Blake's cycle "Book of Job", 1826


Three images form Honore Daumier's open-ended print series on the subject of the yearly Salon of the Academie des Beaux Artes, c1850's


Three images from Odilon Redon's print cycle "The Temptation of St. Anthony", 1888


Three images from Eric Gill's Stations of The Cross, 1917


Self Portrait by Kathe Kollwitz, 1914, and two images from her print cycle "The Weaver's Revolt", 1897 


Three images from Otto Dix' print cycle "The Gospel of St. Mathew", 1960


Three images from Zara Kriegstein's Calavera series, 2004

Three images from Eli levin's open-ended series using the scene of the bar room as a context for social commentary, 1989 - 2011