Reserved Drawing Groups at ARGOS

Argos is now hosting small, multi-session groups for drawing and painting
from the model. The groups form for a limited number of sessions, on the
initiative of one or more artists.

These groups differ from our walk-in figure-drawing groups:
    —The groups are limited in size.
    —Choose and reserve your easel position for group's duration.
    —Model’s pose will be held and repeated across all sessions.
    —Artists commit by pre-paying the sessions.

These groups have some advantages over walk-in groups:
    —Artists can work for multiple sessions on one artwork.
    —The working atmosphere may be more focused.
    —Seating position can be guaranteed.

How it works:
    • An artist or several artists will initiate a group of a certain duration.
    • A modeling routine will be defined, e.g. figure vs. portrait.
    • A group size will be agreed, which determines the cost per artist.
• A decision will be made on drop-ins – if drop-ins are invited, they will
      be offered easel-locations that are not already claimed, on a per-

      session basis; their fees will be discounted, and distributed as refunds
      to the core group at the last session. Group size not to exceed nine.
    • Argos will send a notice by email to an opt-in list of artists.
    • Argos will manage a sign-up system and field any inquiries.
    • Argos will confirm when the group is filled, and book the model.
    • The initiating artists will manage the group.

What to bring:
    • Bring your art supplies.
    • Bring a portable easel or donkey-bench if you use one.
    • Bring pre-payment in cash (model is paid in cash).
    • Argos supplies chairs, folding tray tables, and a limited
      number of portable easels (please ask).

House Rules:
    • A work-friendly environment is foremost. Music and socializing
      during the pose are secondary. Any participants’ preferences on
      work-distractions will be respected.
    • Leave the studio just the way you found it. There is no janitor.
    • Solvent use is restricted to Gam-Sol or straight oils.
    • Drop cloths available; use them for anything that can’t be vacuumed.
    • Use of acrylics or inks must be approved in advance by Argos.