Etchings and Paintings

Fact & Affect Realism and the Subjective
Exhibit October 26th - November 18th, 2018

Modern psychology calls emotions "the affects" and no longer sees them in simple
opposition to rationality. A modern understanding of our affective nature opens new
possibilities for artists to interpret "reality" through the lens of subjectivity.

Artists committed to academic-realist painting skills do not always use them to
depict the factual. Argos presents two realist painters who portray the deeply subjective.

Zienna Brunsted Stewart explores overlapping regions of dream and memory.
Vahn Phan works with the power of visual metaphor to contain the complexity of
trauma. Both are early-career artists trained in classical painting technique.
Yet both are committed to depicting the patterns of inward experience.

Zienna Brunsted Stewart;  click on the image to view her work

Vahn Phanclick on the image to view her work

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