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Ryder Studio Exhibit at Argos

Most modern-day art centers in the U.S. can point to their atelier-style schools of realism, and in Santa Fe we have the Ryder Studio. Argos is pleased to present its annual exhibit of work by both students and instructors. These exhibits are opportunities for the public to regain an appreciation of the commitment realist artists […]

The Tuesday Night Drawing Group Push-Pin Exhibit

The Tuesday Night Drawing Group was started by Eli Levin in 1969 and has met continuously since then. This week it presents its yearly, self-curated push-pin exhibit of drawings from the live model. Go here for details and a preview of the images. Reception: Friday, March 27th, 6pm – 8pm Exhibit: March 27th through April 20th

Annual December historical prints exhibit

Fine-art printmakers have often been motivated to work in print cycles, or in looser series of thematically related imagery. This exhibit explores the tradition across five centuries and twenty artists, beginning with Albrecht Durer and his print cycle of woodcuts known as the “Small Passion”. Robert Bell curated the exhibit from his collection of fine art […]

XPOSED – Tuesday Night Drawing Group

  The Tuesday Night Drawing Group presents its yearly, self-curated push-pin exhibit of work from the live model. Go here for more info and a preview of the images. Reception: Friday, June 17th, 6pm – 8pm Exhibit: June 17th through July 3rd

Barbizon to Santa Fe

Barbizon to Santa Fe The American Historical Print Collector Society will have their annual meeting in Santa Fe this year. Time for a prints exhibit at Argos! Robert Bell and Argos present a survey of Etching Revival prints. We start with the French artists of the Barbizon School, and conclude with New Mexico images by […]

Ryder Studio Exhibit at Argos

Ryder Studio Exhibit at Argos Every year, the Ryder Studio in Santa Fe works with a small group of students on the fundamentals of realist representation. Ryder Studio emphasizes drawing, in teaching students to observe the fall of light on the subject. At Argos we’re a studio for the drawing-driven art of intaglio printmaking, and host open […]

Prints about Prints

Prints on the Art of Printmaking Western artwork, whether music, literature or painting, is often self-referential. Fine-art printmaking has been no exception. The 2015 annual historical prints exhibit at Argos surveys this theme across five centuries. Robert Bell curated these 125 pieces from his collection. He will deliver a gallery talk on the network of […]

Mary Teichman’s multi-plate intaglio

Mary Teichman is a master of multiple color etching. The difficulty of the technique is enough to dissuade most artists, even most printmakers, from adopting it. Teichman aspired to it early and has become an acknowledged master of the method, which yields uniquely rich, dense images. Argos presents a comprehensive exhibit of Teichman’s work. Please […]

Caroline Grant, Greta Young

Two artists, two styles. One method of working directly from the live model. Please join us for an exhibit that celebrates the diversity of artists drawing and painting from the model at Argos Studio drawing groups. Reception: Friday, October 2nd, 5:30 – 7:30 Exhibit: October 2nd thru October 25th View image galleries for this exhibit here. The […]